• 1) make sure you have updated your card at a hotspot (outside any Marietta campus building.

     Card hotspotThis must be done every few days.


    2) If updating does not solve the problem, contact Card Services (idservices@kennesaw.edu) to see if they can troubleshoot. You may need to have it re-synched.

  • Your home academic department will fill in a yes or no on a spreadsheet prepared for them at the beginning of each semester. If the need changes, have your department contact the Faculty Support Office and let us know to create one for you. The campus mail drop # will be 9049.

  • The Faculty Support Office has three Shared Workrooms as follows:

    •  J305D with four PCs
    •  J306 with two PCs and one Mac
    •  J327 with two PCs and one Mac
  •  Yes, we have a Sign-In Sheet to log such actions.
  • Found items on the Marietta campus should be taken to the Information Desk in the Wilson Student Center.  Those office hours are Monday through Friday, 7am to 10pm; Sat & Sun, Noon to 10pm. Link to webpage http://studentlife.kennesaw.edu/lost-and-found.php for standard KSU handling process.

    If Administrative Associate is in the Faculty Support Office and you are not able to deliver items to the Student Center yourself at that time, we will be glad to do so for you during our regular office hours.

    Also, if you know who the items belong to, and wish to contact that person yourself to come by the Faculty Support Office for same day pick-up during our regular office hours please coordinate to be sure one of us will be here (not out sick, vacation, meetings, etc.).  The individual will need to describe the items and also provide some type of picture ID for us before being given the items.

  • Yes. 

    1. General materials must be in an envelope with instructor name, course name and number.
    2. Materials for specific students need to be put in a sealed envelope with the student’s name, and the student will need to show some form of ID.
  • Please EMAIL your department and copy our fsomarietta@kennesaw.edu address.  This ensures that your department is aware of the cancellation, and we can do our best to facilitate a note on the door to your classroom with information for inquiring students if need be:

    Room #

    Name of faculty member

    Course subject code and number, course sequence#

    Date of class

    Time of class

    Further instruction notes/message

  • Yes, arrangements can be made in the small conference rooms (A,B,C) of the J305 office suite for individual make-up tests when faculty are not available but the time and specific instructions must be coordinated with the Faculty Support Office personnel ahead of time.

  • Please reference the Video Conferencing procedure.

  • Microwave, Toaster, Coffee Maker, Refrigerator, Coat Rack, Storage Cabinet
  • We can accommodate some drawer space or shelf space.  Please see the Administrative Associate for details and to label the space you choose.

  • Yes, there is a kit on the counter in the J305 Work Room with basic items such as bandages, burn cream, etc.

  • We have two mechanical scantron machines (one in J-305 and one in J-327).  Compatible forms for these machines are the small size (#882).  If the home academic department does not supply these forms, students can buy their own in the Bookstore.

  • Yes.  By using the KSU-Print options in your print queue, you have the ability to print to any Ricoh Multi-Funchtion Device on either campus.  The Ricoh machine in our J-305 Work Room has full copying and printing capabilities.  There is also a Ricoh machine in the lobby on the first floor of the Atrium Building (J-100) with Black/White capabilities.  If your KSU ID card is not activating the Ricoh devices, you will need to contact your home department.  They will be able to grant you the account access you need.  White paper (81/2x11, 81/2x14, and 11x17) is always available for the Faculty Support Office Ricoh device.  There is also a limited supply of colored paper you are welcome to use, which may be replenished when possible but cannot be guaranteed.

  • The Faculty Support Office cannot make copies for faculty members on a regular basis.  In extraordinary circumstances, copy assistance can be provided but only if we have the faculty member’s ID card in hand.  Copies must be charged to the faculty member’s home department, and the Faculty Support Office personnel cannot do that without the faculty member’s ID.

  • The small conference rooms (A,B,C) within the J305 suite are primarily designed for the purpose of student conferences with faculty.  When possible, please use the schedule sheets outside the doors or contact Faculty Support Office personnel to reserve space in advance.  If a room is available, feel free to use it without an advanced reservation, but please mark such on the schedule sheet (we need to track usage to show how – and how much – we are using our spaces).